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This section provides a context for understanding the nb and the newbug list/community phenonmenon, and explores other relevant topics.

the list or how a lot of people who own beetles hang out all the time.

nbad (new beetle affective disorder) our friends, family and co-workers think we're nuts. what do they know? we just really, really like our cars.

internet usage and lonliness or how these survey-makers haven't got a clue.

anti-new beetle sentiment meet the society for the preservation of air-cooled machinery (spam).

r2k, the event a lotta little round cars in a sweltering desert town. will the mothership come?

mothership mythology who will be the first to get probed? when is george clinton going to show up??

how the nb changed your life everything from love to improved self-esteem.

the nb phenomenon how a little round car caused a big ruckus all over the globe.

success of the nb why did the little round car cause such a ruckus?

popular flame topics airbags, drl's, suv's, oh my!

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