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all photos for lisa....
lisa washes the pod
the spacepod
the lawn gnome
lisa drying the pod
lisa and christa preparing to leave durham
the luggage-laden spacepod
lisa and christa with spacepod
the grrls and the luggage
see you in knoxville!
NBs in knoxville
tyler & his VW catalog
knoxville NBs
on the road in nashville!
see no evil...
eastern caravan in TN
group photo at the pyramid
the passenger side
lisa the documentarian
making the documentary
lisa & spacepod at the car show
lisa & spacepod draw a crowd
awards presentation
presentation of copper bowls
lisa, howie and steve meister
lisa poses with david
lisa and russ
OB meets NB
lisa rides in a balloon
lisa & christa in a hot air balloon
the post-balloon ceremony
white sands
the sign of the mothership??
sledding down the dunes
sandy shorts
christa, lisa and spacepod
spacepod leaves las cruces
beware of snakes
lisa imitates the VLA
spacepod at the VLA
lisa's feet
the spacepod

the spacepod with his new luggage rack!

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