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hi. i'm christa.
i've been a friend of lisa's for... jeez, 7 years or something like that. i hope this trip doesn't end all of that. :)

i should mention that i don't own a NB, though i did enjoy tooling around chicago in a '71 white OB while in college (dig that hand-cranked sunroof!). i currently drive a '91 honda crx, which is as fun as owning a honda can get.

when asked by lisa to help with the documentary, i'm pretty sure i immediately answered "yes". cross-country road trips with lisa are fun! and more to the point, i have NB envy and am curious as to what a NB "convention" might be like.

admittedly, when i started reading The List, i began wondering what the hell i got myself into. i've never known anyone (let alone a group of people) to be so kooky about their car. hopefully my journal entries will reveal some interesting discoveries along the way.

oh, a quick bio:

• i'm a radio announcer for a classical radio station in raleigh, WCPE. most of my co-workers there think i'm nuts for making this trip.

• i'm 31 and single. :)

• i have a personal website here, if you want to know more about my obsessions.
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