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these are the pod people
anthony longtime poster, organizer of the faq, tdi fan and just plain personally interesting, anthony pops in very occasionally (but never actually leaves).

christa lisa's intrepid companion on the trip to roswell, christa will provide an outsider's viewpoint to help make the allpods documentary a richer experience.

dan recently graduated from college, dan owns a beloved old beetle named ghost and anxiously anticipates owning a new beetle.

david dauntless organizer of the r2k event and bugnut from way back in the day, without david's vision and energy none of this would be happening.

fred despite being a list member from the beginning and a frequent poster, fred maintains an air of mystery for many on the list. however he is always ready with a detailed scientific explanation for many of the curious phenomena with which our cars present us, and never shies away from a good vigorous argument.

gary tdi fanatic, continual source of technical information, protective foglight screens, and in private, jokes... his sudden and very unexpected death on february 29, 2000 was painful to many on the list, and the list is lessened without his knowlege and advocacy.

larry larry took his interest in collecting new beetle memorabilia and turned it into an online business.

lisa webmistress and head honcho of allpods, lisa is deeply attached to her spacepod and feels uncomfortable writing about herself in the third person :)

mitch list mainstay and iron man during road trips, an atlanta to DC run is just a nice day's drive to mitch. he and his daughter katie posted extensive travelogues from their cross-country adventure in the summer of 1999.

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owlberg always ready to thoroughly argue a point of interest, yet kindhearted and caring, owlberg phases in and out of the list as development cycles at work allow. he was one of the most valuable contributors to the r2k mythology.

rosie by the time she reached knoxville, rosie had been up for 30 hours straight, but nothing as unimportant as sleep was going to keep her away from roswell.

russ list member, geek boy, caravan leader, and good friend. without russ we'd not have the killer caravan web site.

steve_z one of my best friends on the list, zim always challenges me to think, though usually not so much about nb's.

terri-n-kathy ohmygod. these women were totally nuts. every time we spoke with them we ended up laughing our asses off. and the costume they made for terri's car definitely got the "spacepod's choice" award!