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welcome to orientation :)

The second important consequence of my silly post was Stacy Dale's response: "Hey silvers-- let's have a rally of silvers in Roswell next summer!" Stacy's almost offhand comment has resulted in the planning of the only national New-Beetle-only event, roswell2k.

R2K is basically a car show... but of course New Beetle folk could not be satisfied with a mere car show... there will also be a "skywatch party" (where we'll watch for the mothership come to take all our pods back to the home planet)... a "come as your favorite alien" party... and organized caravans out to Roswell.

It will also be the first time that so many people from the list will be in the same place at the same time, and our virtual community will suddenly become quite corporeal.

The mythology page on the R2K web site expands upon the mothership mythology, and is the result of mails sent to the list.

The All Pods Go To Roswell web site is being built gradually, and will culminate in extensive documentation of the trip to Roswell in June of 2000. Our goal is to post material as quickly as we can after it has been gathered, so that those who are following along at home can watch our story unfold as it happens.

Thank you for joining us on our strange and wonderful journey.

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