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Journals, photos, and video from each day of the Roswell trip.

Tuesday, June 13th
Eastern caravan leaves home and arrives in Knoxville, TN
Central caravan leaves home and arrives in St. Louis, MO
Northwest caravan leaves home and arrives at Mt. Shasta, CA

Wednesday, June 14th
Eastern caravan travels from Knoxville to Memphis
Central caravan travels from St. Louis to Oklahoma City, OK
Northwest caravan travels from Mt. Shasta to Las Vegas, NV

Thursday, June 15th
Eastern caravan travels from Memphis to Dallas, TX
Central caravan arrives in Roswell a day early
Northwest caravan travels from Las Vegas to Albuquerque, NM

Friday, June 16th
Eastern, Northwest, and Northern Caravans arrive in Roswell
Skywatch party
Memorial for Katie and Gary

Saturday, June 17th
Car show and conference
Cruise to Bottomless Lakes
"Come as your favorite alien" party

Sunday, June 18th
We say goodbye

Our trip home...
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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