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June 27, 2009 — Roswell - Saturday - Car show and banquet

Live from the road,
it's Podvision!

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Today we have an informal car show at the UFO museum.

"Abduction" photos were taken for those that wanted them - of the car and occupants being sucked up into the mother ship.

The parking lot was smaller than we're used to but more public. A large tent was available for shade with girl scouts selling cookies and cool drinks.

It was pretty hot, some think hotter than usual. The shade was most welcome. We had a good turnout although I didn't get a count. My camera was also not working that day (user error, I think, and not a dead battery as I thought then) so I did a pretty poor job of documenting everything - although we did run the web cams all day.

There were many, many photos taken by others with better cameras and skills than I have, and I think these will wind up online - I will post links as I have them.

Around 3pm everyone packed up and got ready to move out for the parade. I really appreciated that Earl got us neatly lined up to depart - with so many cars in such a small area, it could have been total chaos. It took a while for the police to be ready for us, but once they were we moved out smartly on to the road.

This year we paraded up one side of Main and straight to the hotel rather than going in a circle. We didn't have very many townies out to see us this time, I'm not sure why. There were posters all over town for our event, and in past years there have been lots of folks out to see us.

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