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road warrior

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steak and shake!

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06/23/04: dune buggy?

dune buggy?

06/23/04: two-tone and pink

two-tone and pink

06/23/04: bugs for sale

bugs for sale

06/23/04: blue with silver

blue with silver

06/23/04: diesel truck

diesel truck

06/23/04: two-tone


06/23/04: beetletruck!


06/23/04: aw, cute breadloaves

aw, cute breadloaves

06/23/04: autostick squareback

autostick squareback

06/23/04: ghias!


06/23/04: what could this be?

what could this be?

06/23/04: nice bridge

nice bridge

06/23/04: fish camp!

fish camp!

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griff's fries - louisiana

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storm coming - louisiana

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return to allpods

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06/21/04: ambulances in lamesa

ambulances in lamesa

06/21/04: vintage ambulances

vintage ambulances

06/21/04: muffler lady!

Muffler lady!

06/21/04: phoebe caravan leader!

Phoebe caravan leader!

06/21/04: cleo in spacepod

cleo in spacepod