Posted by spacegrrl at 05:29 PM on Sunday, June 27 - "Final web cam series now online"

On Saturday after the car show, I took the final series of live web cam photos. I met a small group of friends in the car show parking lot after the parade, set the cam to snap a photo once every 2 seconds, store it to the hard drive rather than upload it instantly, and got a nice series of the group gathering together in front of Spacepod.

I held up signs that said "THANKS FOR WATCHING" at the end of the series. They were written on the bright green index cards that Christa and I first used during the 2000 caravan to identify our location. Unfortunately I wasn't quite close enough for the signs to be legible but oh well :)

Since the photos were taken once every 2 seconds, if you set the slideshow to display every 2 seconds (provided you're on a fairly fast connection) you can see it all happen in real time, like a movie! (Sort of.)

Go to the slideshow page to view the final series!



very cool...!

Posted by: christa on June 28, 2004 07:29 AM

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