Wednesday, June 23

Posted by spacegrrl at 12:38 AM - "sliiiiightly ahead of schedule..."

so today as we neared atlanta, i said, "i don't want to quit driving". i wasn't tired and i'd only just taken over from dan. i said well, maybe i'll just get us past atlanta... that would give us a short day tomorrow.

so then dan pointed out that spartanburg is only 3 hours from atlanta. and i said, hmmm....

so here we are in spartanburg. i'll be home tomorrow!

we had another nice day following secondary highways today, through mississippi, alabama, and georgia. around oxford, alabama was the highlight of the day-- we ran across an old vw place, a guy who basically had an all-vw junkyard and then also a huge lot full of aircooled vw's for sale. lots of pictures were taken, and of course i got down his name and number-- he's got a few diesels on that lot and i may need something from him one day!

we batted around ideas for a slow trip to roswell, something i've been thinking would be cool since the first year. if the westy is up to it next year, i might do it-- stay off the interstates, take it slow, camp at night, cook breakfast and dinner in the westy and picnic at lunch. try to find some fun stops, like roadside america type stuff, or good places to hike around and get out of the car. maybe other folks would want to come with me if they've got the time and are sick of the interstates, or want to save some money.

Photos and Video from this day

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06/23/04: dune buggy?

category: the trip home
dune buggy?

06/23/04: two-tone and pink

category: the trip home
two-tone and pink

06/23/04: bugs for sale

category: the trip home
bugs for sale

06/23/04: blue with silver

category: the trip home
blue with silver

06/23/04: diesel truck

category: the trip home
diesel truck

06/23/04: two-tone

category: the trip home

06/23/04: beetletruck!

category: the trip home

06/23/04: aw, cute breadloaves

category: the trip home
aw, cute breadloaves

06/23/04: autostick squareback

category: the trip home
autostick squareback

06/23/04: ghias!

category: the trip home

06/23/04: what could this be?

category: the trip home
what could this be?

06/23/04: nice bridge

category: the trip home
nice bridge

06/23/04: fish camp!

category: the trip home
fish camp!
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