Tuesday, June 22

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Yesterday we crossed the last bit of east Texas, all of Louisiana, and now we are in Jackson, Mississippi. Most of the day we spent on 80, which is a secondary highway that parallels I-20 and the railroad.

We stopped at "The Authentic Bonnie and Clyde Museum", but it was closed.

We stopped at a produce stand and bought local honey, preserved garlic, black walnut syrup, sweet/hot pickles, and blackberries. The blackberries I am snacking on in the car (Dan is sadly allergic); the rest is mostly for the folks back home. But I won't say who is getting what :)

Somewhere in Louisiana, I topped a hill and saw a wall of black clouds ahead of us. I decided it was time for lunch. I pulled into a local hamburger stand and we ate some of the best food of the trip while the rain poured down.

When we first pulled on to 80 in La, we saw a pair of Ford F150's drag racing down the highway; then soon after we saw men in camoflage on three wheelers, and an upholstered chair by the side of the road. I turned to Dan and said, "We don't fit in here."

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