Monday, June 21

Posted by spacegrrl at 12:16 AM - "the trip home"

Dan and I decided to take the southern route home-- through Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia.

Taking a secondary highway part of the day today, we caught some great photo ops in Lamesa, TX... a muffler lady and two vintage ambulances. It inspired us to try and take some secondary routes tomorrow... it is good to be off the interstate sometimes!

Dan's falling asleep, I had better finish up here...

Photos and Video from this day

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category: the trip home

06/21/04: ambulances in lamesa

category: the trip home
ambulances in lamesa

06/21/04: vintage ambulances

category: the trip home
vintage ambulances

06/21/04: muffler lady!

category: the trip home
Muffler lady!

06/21/04: phoebe caravan leader!

category: the trip home
Phoebe caravan leader!

06/21/04: cleo in spacepod

category: the trip home
cleo in spacepod
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