Posted by spacegrrl at 11:51 PM on Sunday, June 20 - "Sunday highlights"

One of the best parts of the day Sunday was caravaning to Carlsbad with a huge line of bugs. Steph started to lose a running board and a bunch of us pulled over with her to tape it back on. It was nice to pull together like that and take care of each other. As our cars age, more and more have problems along the trip, and we are learning to manage caravans more skillfully to make sure everyone is taken care of.

The road rally was frustrating in some places, and I was glad that Steph and I (in spacepod) teamed up with Dan and John (in Cleo). But mostly it was all fun and of course it was great fun to win a trophy! I've never won anything at Roswell before-- not even a raffle!

The drive-in, as always, was the best part of the day. Even if the movies kind of suck, it's totally fun. We had great fun yelling out at "Herbie Goes Bananas"... as Steve C. said, it's like Rocky Horror for bug owners. We could hear Jacob from across the parking lot and as usual, he had everyone in stitches.

After the movies were over, everyone was sort of standing around trying to say goodbye and pretty much failing, because it would mean that Roswell was over. we managed to work up some kind of a goodbye and walked back to our cars, but didn't quite leave.

Then someone came up and asked if anyone had jumper cables. I started to grab one of the chargers out of the car, then we got word that the problem was more serious than the battery.

One bug, with heavy customizations under the hood, wouldn't start. Russ, John, and the owner Chris did some troubleshooting... John finally pulled out the dipstick to find that it was completely dry. Steph, who never goes anywhere without oil (since Phoebe tends to burn a little) pulled four quarts out of her hatch. Russ added all four and it wasn't until the fourth was added that it reached the dipstick-- the engine had run completely dry.

Chris decided to try cranking it. When it finally turned over one time, we saw smoke come out of the engine compartment-- an oil leak. They finally determined that the turbo was blowing air and oil into the engine. The engine is most likely dead.

We got their stuff loaded into BJ's trailer, then a bunch of folks pushed the car out to where the tow truck could get to it. We waited with them until 2am when the tow truck arrived, then piled Chris and his wife into the only two available seats and took them to their hotel. It was hard to stay up late after such a hard weekend, but nice to know that we were, again, making sure folks were taken care of.

I got some fantastic photos of the car being pushed; I'm not going to try and catch up on photos tonight, but soon. Really :)



Herbie Goes Bananas as Rocky Horror for VWs--thats the most accurate description I've heard! :)

BTW, Steph and Cet caught up with us in Brownfield on the way home...It was pretty cool. We stopped at our house in Lubbock and then had a bite to eat. Reminded me of two years ago when I had to go back to Waco on Sunday and I met Tyler Dick and Kevin Buchannan by chance in Sweetwater...

Drive safely on the way home...

Posted by: Cameron on June 22, 2004 02:07 AM

Just wanted to tell everyone that the car from the drive was mine .. The problem turns out to be that the Turbo had an oil leak and was dumping oil into the Intake manifold ... So while we were sitting there watching the movie with the car running oil was leaking into the turbo housing. When we went to leave the drive-in the pressure from the turbo pushed all the oil into the intake and into the cylinders .. That is why it would not start and why there was smoke ... As of today the car is still in El Paso getting repaired should be ready (cross your fingers) in about a week ... They have to get the Turbo work done before they can see if the engine is ok.. I will spare you all of the fine details but the thinking is that the engine will be ok ... And the best news of it all .... All of the work is going to be covered under warranty ...

Oh ya.. My name is Mike ... And Rachele is my girlfriend ... Just figured I would add that

Posted by: Mike on June 27, 2004 04:16 AM

Oh ya very depressing to see the pictures of the night my car died I am still suffering from separation anxiety ... But if you have any other one would you please E-mail them to me, Thank you in advance ...

Posted by: Mike on June 27, 2004 04:18 AM

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