Saturday, June 19

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a few things i remember from saturday...

talking with rick carlson about how the new beetle community is blurring the line between custom car, car show display, and art car. the displays are now so elaborate that they really do border on art projects. a case in point: a sundown orange convertible in which the back seat had been turned into a "Finding Nemo" diorama. ok, not exactly making an artistic statement but this was waaaaay beyond what you'd see at a normal car show.

listening to people make comments about my car without realizing the owner was standing there. a lot of folks recognize my car from the license plate now, and already know about the web cams.

talking to the reporter from autoweek about how we "anthropomorphize" our cars in the new beetle community, and him telling me that folks in other car communities don't tend to use words like anthropomorphize. oh, btw, i might be quoted in an article in autoweek. the reporter told me that he tends to procrastinate so it might be a while before it shows up. also, they got a really good shot of spacepod in the parade while taping for their "speedvision" show so he could be on tv, too!

not crying all day! who-hoo! guess i got it out of my system on friday. i didn't even really feel sad.

taking the final web cam photo after the parade with some of my all-time favorite beetle people. that was really nice and i'm glad i did something special to recognize it.

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Just got back from the alien party at the zoo (which is really more like a park with peacocks that walk across the parking lot). Howie was finally inducted into the Hall of Fame! YAY!!

I got a great video of Howie accepting his award which I will post to the site.

Off to the pool party!

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Many thanks to the folks who helped me make the final web cam shots special.

From left to right...

Christiane Meister, Steve Meister, Steve Carrabis, Kevin Buchanan, Stephanie, Dan LaMee, lisa linn, John Steele, BJ Keifer, Ollie, Stephanie Koutek, Cameron Talley, Karen Talley.

You probably couldn't read the little signs i was holding up... they said, "THANKS FOR WATCHING."

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Straight from the Head Alien-- I've got the complete list of car show winners including the Convertible classes (which were not announced at the show). Congratulations to all of our trophy winners!

1998 Stock
	1. Mark and Linda Gilson

1998 Modified Stock
	1. Anna Ochitkov
	2. Cameron Talley
	3. Stephanie Koutek

1998 Custom
	1. Randy Carlson
	2. Carrie Haze
	3. Earl McCutcheon

1999 Stock
	1. Robert Zane
	2. Luke Hall

1999 Modified Stock
	1. Dylan Neely
	2. Jacob Shirley
	3. Judy Carter

1999 Custom
	1. Tina Ferrill
	2. Mitch Perry
	3. Jerry O'Hara

2000 Stock
	1. Clarissa Gonzales
	2. June La Vernway
	3. Shawn Maybray

2000 Modified Stock
	1. Mary Lopez
	2. Ray Townsend
	3. Coleen Stanton

2000 Custom
	1. Jason Leyba
	2. Dusty Silvester
	3. Sue Isley

2001 Stock
	1. Susan Gentry
	2. Eric Thomasson
	3. Shawn Henline

2001 Modified Stock
	1. Cindy Pollard
	2. William Goetschius

2001 Custom
	1. Jennifer Russell
	2. Quinton and Phyllis Brown
	3. Tiffany Skalberg

2002 Stock
	1. Bob Buechsenstein
	2. Earl halmon
	3. Becky Neely

2002 Modified Stock
	1. Ed Wilder
	2. Felipe Dominguez
	3. Frank Stastny

2002 Custom
	1. Antoine DeHon
	2. Chris Williams
	3. Glen Mason and Pugsley

2003 Stock
	1. Hselley Burkett
	2. Doug D'Josey
	3. Tammy Pauletich

2003 Modified Stock
	1. Rhonda Murray
	2. Keith Boss
	3. Julie Duran

2003 Custom
	1. Susan Hester
	2. Jumpin' Joe

2004 Stock
	1. Dan Green

2004 Modified Stock
	1. Kevin Buchanan

2004 Custom

Stock Convertible (All Years)
	1. Dede O'Daniel
	2. Angie Townsend
	3. Tom and Judy Lloyd

Modified Stock Convertible (All Years)
	1. Steve Dumas
	2. Michael Levy
	3. Edward Fitzgerald

Custom Convertible (All Years)
	1. Frank Perricone
	2. Benjamin Novida
	3. Beth Tichenor

Best Bud Vase
	Carolyn Fleet

Best Exterior Graphics
	Tina Ward

Best Alien Theme
	Jaquelene Stastny

Furthest Driven
	Brenda Sheets

Best Toy Display
	Jerry O'Hara

Alien's Choice
	Frank Perricone

Best of Show
	Jason Leyba

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I'm sure all you folks at home can hardly get enough of all the R2K stuff Lisa and allpods has given you so far, but if by chance you can't, there's one more place you can go. I've uploaded all the pictures I've taken to my photo gallery site! Check them out!

Posted by spacegrrl at 08:00 AM - "Saturday - Roswell: Car show, convention, parade, parties!"

We are in Roswell! whee!

Today, Dan and i are leaving for the convention center at 8am MT, and should start webcasting shortly thereafter.

we're not quite sure yet how we're going to handle the awards ceremony. in the past, i've gotten all the names of the winners up as it was happening; this year, i'll need to be breaking down my booth during the ceremony so we probably can't do that.. but we'll see.

we plan to keep the web cam running through the parade (which we'll hopefully get to participate in), and do a final web cam shot in the parking lot after the parade. however, i was so exhausted last night that i didn't tell people about the web cam shot so i'm not sure who will be there for it. i can try to tell folks today. it will also be competeing with a photo op in the parking lot for all trophy winners.

despite being exhausted to the point of tears last night (i guess being sad about spacepod's final bug glow didn't help), i woke up at 5am this morning, which is not a good thing. hopefully i'll get some time to crash after the final cam photo. this isn't the state i'd choose to be in for this day, and i can tell i'm going to be sad about a lot of things.

Posted by at 12:54 AM - "Pod Glow Over"

The Bug Glow/ Skywatch Party is over now and I'm back in the hotel room for a few minutes. I basically wanted to report that Dean Jones is now in Roswell and actually spoke to several of the bug owners, including Steve and Christiane! I even shook his hand! I got some really good pictures that I'll upload with the rest of them tonight or tomorrow. Easily the worst part of the night though was losing my Jimmy Buffett Air Margaritaville hat. :( The windows were open and I guess it just flew out. It's very sad because that was pretty much my favorite hat! Then again, at least it wasn't the "Red Hat". :-/

Photos and Video from this day

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Image sent: 200406221830

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marvin the martian

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pretty girl!

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custom green nbc

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marvin the martian

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maria's gopher-bug

Image sent: 200406231630

category: alien sightings
peacock at the zoo

06/19/04: '58 for sale!

category: cars
'58 for sale!

06/19/04: smylz 2

category: cars
smylz 2

06/19/04: rivera blue

category: cars
rivera blue

06/19/04: rodney & puck

category: cars
rodney & puck

06/19/04: bilbo

category: cars

06/19/04: bilbo- retro wheels

category: retro bugs
bilbo- retro wheels

06/19/04: pisant

category: cars

06/19/04: air bug one

category: cars
air bug one

06/19/04: blue smiley

category: cars
blue smiley

06/19/04: marvin the martian

category: cars
marvin the martian

06/19/04: hottie 75

category: cars
hottie 75

06/19/04: fuzidave's nbc

category: cars
fuzidave's nbc

06/19/04: tumble bug II

category: cars
tumble bug II

06/19/04: cueball

category: retro bugs

06/19/04: ladybug

category: cars

06/19/04: cueball interior

category: retro bugs
cueball interior

06/19/04: nemo diorama

category: cars
nemo diorama

06/19/04: cueball's gearshift

category: retro bugs
cueball's gearshift

06/19/04: aquarius nbc

category: cars
aquarius nbc

06/19/04: earl & buggin 2

category: cars
earl & buggin 2

06/19/04: btlmania!

category: cars

06/19/04: interior

category: custom bugs

06/19/04: neingas' engine

category: cars
neingas' engine

06/19/04: john & cleo

category: cars
john & cleo

06/19/04: howie!

category: people

06/19/04: stereo

category: custom bugs

06/19/04: bumblebug

category: cars

06/19/04: barb's nbc

category: cars
barb's nbc

06/19/04: mark, linda, neingas

category: cars
mark, linda, neingas

06/19/04: suede door panels

category: custom bugs
suede door panels

06/19/04: jerry o's herbie

category: retro bugs
jerry o's herbie


category: people

06/19/04: shaft

category: cars

06/19/04: suede dash

category: custom bugs
suede dash

06/19/04: tva bug interior

category: cars
tva bug interior

06/19/04: nice!

category: cars

06/19/04: cueball

category: cars

06/19/04: custom nbc

category: custom bugs
custom nbc

06/19/04: tva bug has changed!

category: cars
tva bug has changed!

06/19/04: bear-ific!

category: custom bugs

06/19/04: we bug u

category: cars
we bug u
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