Wednesday, June 16

Posted by at 08:08 PM - "Long Day Nearly Done"

Today we've driven nearly 500 miles, our longest day by about 85 miles. The great thing though, we're ahead of schedule. We weren't supposed to get into Texarkana until around 8:15, but we'll arrive within the next half-hour most likely.

The highlight of the day had to be the trip to the Memphis pyramid. The Eastern Carvan went there the first year and it was kinda cool to go back. We've got video and photos that will be uploaded sometime soon.

And now, the current iPod track: Theme from Alamo Bay by Ry Cooder

Posted by spacegrrl at 03:52 PM - "headlight demonstration tonight"

tonight we'll be taping a demonstration on how to change a headlight... phoebe has one out.

Posted by spacegrrl at 08:00 AM - "Wednesday - Texarkana, TX"

Destination: Texarkana! whee!

we'll be meeting terry and yellow fever in jackson... then on to texarkana.

we've got 8 bugs until memphis, then we lose brenda and alan in 'stealth'. bj and ollie are travelling separately today since the puck doesn't go so fast and they want to see graceland!

Photos and Video from this day

Image sent: 200406162340

category: people
life in the hotel

Image sent: 200406161350

category: eastern caravan
roof cams

Image sent: 200406161321

category: eastern caravan
roof cams

06/16/04: Steve photographs Stephanie

category: eastern caravan
Steve photographs Stephanie

06/16/04: Steve, Brenda

category: eastern caravan
Steve, Brenda

06/16/04: Stephanie, Christiane, Dan

category: eastern caravan
Stephanie, Christiane, Dan

06/16/04: Spacepod in Phoebe's wheels

category: eastern caravan
Spacepod in Phoebe's wheels

06/16/04: Memphis pyramid

category: eastern caravan
Memphis pyramid

06/16/04: Bugs, pyramid

category: eastern caravan
Bugs, pyramid
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