Monday, June 14

Posted by spacegrrl at 10:52 PM - "here i am!"

yes, here i am in lovely downtown spartanburg!

Posted by spacegrrl at 02:34 PM - "i am so totally a genius."

spacepod is packed and there's not only enough room in the back for redhat's stuff, but probably enough room in the back for redhat to lay down next to his stuff.

i have also carefully segregated all magnetic media (such as videotape and hard drives) from the large and not-so-large magnets that are required to bring you the full allpods experience. we don't want any more dead hard drives.

i leave in two hours!!

Posted by spacegrrl at 08:00 AM - "Monday - Spartanburg, SC"

Destination: Sparkleburg! whee!

Today I'm spending most of the day packing, doing last-minute bug fixes to the site, and trying to clean up the house a little so i don't have to walk back into a pig sty when i get home.

Around 4:30 or 5, I'm heading out. It looks like a couple of friends may come as far as Greensboro with me, to join me for dinner at the Steak and Shake and send me off.

I should get ot Spartanburg around 9pm. And then we see if there's room for Redhat and his stuff!

Posted by spacegrrl at 07:55 AM - "Our schedule"

On Monday, June 14th, I'll be leaving Durham, NC to drive to Spartanburg SC. I'll leave sometime in the late afternoon. I don't plan to run the web cams during this leg of the trip; I'll be travelling alone and they won't be much fun.

On Tuesday the 15th, Dan and I will leave Spartanburg around lunchtime. We are scheduled to meet up with the rest of the Eastern Caravan at 4pm in Knoxville, which is only a 3 hour drive for us. We'll run the cams during this whole trip, but remember...

We always lose our signal between Asheville and Knoxville. It's because of the mountains.... there's nothing we can do about it.

If all goes well and we meet up with the Northerly folks in Knoxville, we'll travel the rest of the day with them to Nashville.