Sunday, June 13

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Allpods 2004 will be produced with lots of different hardware this year and this post is to familiarize you with what's what.

First, the computers. An Apple 17" powerbook named 'spacecase' is the main computer for all that happens in the realm of spacepod. All four webcam's (three iBot firewire cams and one brand spankin' new iSight cam) will be connected to spacecase. We'll also be blogging with this computer during the day and this is one of the computers that will be set up at our booth in Roswell.

The supporting roles go to 'Foxy Box' and 'Hoth'. 'Foxy Box' will be the main booth computer, allowing people to watch pervious years' video clips. It's one of the fabulous Apple Cube G4 computers. 'Hoth' is a 14" iBook I'll use for posting blog entries while we're not actually out on the road. It may also run one of the Firewire iBot cameras on Saturday during the car show.

Other peripherals include two external hard drives, an original Airport hub, and a couple iPods.

Click the entry title to see a complete list of tools and their corresponding specs.

Photos and Video from this day

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r2k.v1 - memphis pyramid

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r2k.v1 - arrival in roswell
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